Maziwisa Global 

Global Development Advisors & Investors

About Us


Maziwisa Global values social impact.

We value social impact 

above profit but recognize that a sustainable business model is 

essential to our success.

Maziwisa Global values creativity, innovation and a continuous drive for positive change.

We constantly search for new and better ideas to promote creativity, innovation and global development and investment. 

Maziwisa Global values leadership and performance.

We are rigorous, analytical, and committed to excellence in all our work. We reward entrepreneurial and investment drive.

Maziwisa Global values partnership with others who share our goals.

We approach our work with humility and open minds. We work with clients and partners to find better solutions to global development and investment challenges.

Maziwisa Global values its people.

We help our professionals to apply their talent, energy, expertise and ideas to issues that matter to them. We recognize the dedication that our work requires, and commit to supporting each other in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.


We believe in creating value for our clients and social impact through our projects. We build capacity by passing on knowledge and expertise to our clients, and we guide them in forming partnerships that will help them to realize their potential and fulfill their goals.

In all of our engagements, we strive to achieve the following:

  1.  Structured problem-solving with fact-based analysis.
  2.  Close collaboration in the development and investment process with our clients.
  3.  Results-oriented project management.
  4.  Management of complex situations and multiple stakeholders.
  5.  Access to the best possible expertise and solutions through our global network.

We recognize that strategy alone does not guarantee impact. We work hard to ensure that our proposals are in line with organizational realities and capabilities, and that they will achieve measurable results.


Global Management Team

Maziwisa Global is managed as a single global firm by a group of coordinators based in country hubs around the world. Their mandate is four-fold: to ensure every one of our projects contributes to lasting impact for the world; to ensure we deliver disproportionate value for our clients; to make substantial contributions to the knowledge and insights within the global community; and to help our colleagues grow into true leaders in the development sector..



Maziwisa Global’s Expert Advisory Board consists of leaders and specialists in  international  development and investment. Members bring their experience, skills, and expertise to the firm’s projects and continuously ensure that Maziwisa Global’s practice areas grow and shape the field.