Maziwisa Global 

Global Development Advisors & Investors


Our track record

Maziwisa Global has grown because of the track record we have built up over time with our clients. The majority of our assignments now come through referrals from people familiar with our work. We are committed to making an impact in the world and we only achieve this goal when our clients are successful.

Maziwisa Global was founded in 1996. Since then, we have counted the following among our achievements:

  • Over 200 projects including those done in partnership with other     global institutions aimed at raising living standards globally and addressing global challenges

  • Assignments affecting more than 195 countries in all regions of the     world.

  • Corporate clients drawn mostly from the Global Private Sector.

Strategic work for nearly all of the world’s significant multinational           agencies and investment institutions, in both headquarters and countries around the world.


Our team brings together a diverse collection of skills and backgrounds, including:

  • Close to 195 nationalities based in 195 country hubs on five continents
  • Advanced degrees and cutting-edge expertise in business, economics,  accounting, international relations, engineering, energy, agriculture, education, trade integration and other relevant fields
  • Experience serving the leading international agencies, companies, foundations and non-profit organizations.
  • Experience in implementing programs and initiatives on the ground in some of the most difficult environments around the globe.



At Maziwisa Global we provide audit and advisory services, development & investment advisory services, construction and construction advisory services and techno-driven global solutions through a global network of +350 000 professionals around the globe. The professionals include experts well-grounded in their work across the public, private and development sectors.


Maziwisa Global is fast becoming one of the world’s leading professional services organizations. Through our global network of close to 195 hubs in 195 countries, comprising more than +350,000 professionals, we provide focused  teams who are dedicated to meeting our client’s needs through the seamless combinations of skills relevant to each assignment. Besides the network of professionals, we also have a pool of associates whose expertise we enlist when required.


Our service offerings include the following:

  1. Performance Improvement (Business Advisory)
  2. Global Development & Investment Advisory              Services
  3. Information Technology Risk Assurance
  4. Transactions Advisory Services; Business Risk           Services
  5. Tax Advisory Services; Audit and Assurance               Services
  6. Technology based business consultancy                        and investment including women and children in          business
  7. Construction
  8. Construction Advisory Services