Maziwisa Global 

Global Development Advisors & Investors


  • Over 300 projects including those done in partnership with other global institutions aimed at raising living standards globally and addressing global challenges.
  •  Assignments affecting more than 150 countries in all regions of the world.
  • Clients drawn mostly from the Global Private, Public ad Community Sectors.
  • Strategic work for nearly all of the world’s significant multinational agencies, in both headquarters and countries around the world.
  • We focus on issues that affect all our futures aligned to strategic visions of our clients, from development, investment, sustainability to smart approaches in all disciplines . We make an impact, not only as consultants but also as investors and strategic partners. After all, anyone who believes in their own advice should be prepared to invest or partner in it. We are committed to bringing change,through a collaborative, interactive and consultative approach with our clients, partners and communities.  



Maziwisa Global has worked with the Global Fund since its inception and provided consultants for setting up systems strategies and structures. Our consultants have also worked with the World Bank, UNICEF, WHO and GAVI in the global health sector 


Maziwisa Global Consultants were also instrumental in the setting up of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation and participated in the Independent Review Committee (IRC) as well as the Financially Sustainable Planning (FSP) Committee, assisting countries in their financially sustainable immunisation plans


Maziwisa Global Consultants have undertaken capacity assessments and strategy development for the African Union Commission for its strategy 2014-2017 and vision 2063 (modernisation of Africa) and in line with the strategies of the 54 African Member States and Regional Economic Commissions (RECs). They have also given support to the AU through ACBF funding particularly on how REC’s relate to the AU, MS, Academia, CSOs, Private Sector, and among themselves within the reform process and in relation to Agenda 2063. They have assisted in  addressing capacity deficits, under AU Reforms,in a bid to eventually draw informed action plans that accelerate Africa’s economic transformation and integration and the implementation of the African Union Agenda 2030, Agenda 2063 as well as address the requirements of the first 10-year plan (FTYP 2013-2023) of Agenda 2063.


Maziwisa Global Consultants worked in conjunction with  an Audit firm to undertake a job evaluation and the restructuring of Comesa to align it to its vision 2024


Maziwisa Global Consultants took part in the Evaluation and Capacity Assessment and Rationalisation Of The Public Service (CARPS) At The National And County Governments (20 Ministries and 47 Counties) in Kenya in line with the country's Vision 2030



Country Evaluation and Capacity Profiling and needs assessment of the Public Service in the Kingdom of Swaziland


Developed Youth Employment  Framework for South Africa with emphasis on ICT, Digital and Entrepreneurial skills


Privatisation and modernisation of Ethiopia


UNDP/Government of Zimbabwe Joint Early Recovery Assessment (JROA) project - Early Recovery Opportunities Framework - Zimbabwe Results Based Management Projects